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We, a team of sailors, pro trail runners, glaciologists and photographer spend 8 days exploring, by yacht and foot, a section of Greenlands remote East coast.

Journeying through this landscape is a complete sensory overload, making it one of the most visceral experiences some of our team have had. Apart from the sight and proximity of towering icebergs and craggy peaks, the freezing surrounds which make your fingers ache, and the taste of saltwater, the stench of rotting fish hung to dry in remote fishing villages, its was the sounds of groaning icebergs and drip, drip, drip of melting ice all around us that left the most indelible mark. Greenland and the greater polar regions are the proverbial canary in the goldmine for climate change. The sad reality is that Greenland’s icecap is melting, far faster than the climate models predicted and far more decisively than any political action to combat our changing climate. If the Greenland ice sheet disappeared sea levels around the world would rise by seven metres, as 10% of the world's fresh water is currently frozen here.

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  • greenland | ZEAL OPTICS
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