A profile on the 70 foot trimaran, Phaedo (one of the fastest sailing yachts ever built), and it’s crew.

During the assignment I sailed and photographed nearly 4000 nautical miles around the mediterranean and across the north Atlantic on the boat, during which time I drowned two camera bodies and one lens. Although I’ve spent a number of years racing onboard offshore yachts, nothing really could have prepared me for the knife-edge feeling of racing a big trimaran across an ocean. Let me tell you much of the time sailing these boats it’s more about survival, than racing. As Brian Thompson (Phaedo skipper, and holder of 25 sailing speed world records) explains, the boat is capable of so much power that the key to success is often not to push for more speed, but rather to find ways to de-power sails, and change course so that you in a position where you could easily escape if things go wrong. The search for this fine line between fast and safe is a consistent mental and physical challenge on this boat, and one that leaves even the best sailors in the world questioning why they’re out there.

  • the sea kings | RED BULLETIN & MUSTO CLOTHING
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